Wednesday 21 June 2023

Barber & Osgerby - From Island to Island

solo exhibition in Filicudi

21 June - 23 July 2023

Industrial designers Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby, will bring their work to Filicudi this summer for an exhibition that charts their restless urge to push materials and fabrication processes to their limits.

Open from 21 June to 23 July 2023, From Island to Island celebrates the role of the handmade in their work, which they often describe as 'engineered craft'.

Made by both hand and machine in glass, wood, wool and metal, the limited-edition objects show the breadth of materials, colours and processes they work with when freed from the constraints of volume production.

They also reflect their close relationship with craftspeople, from boat-builders to glassblowers.

From Island to Island involves their first collaboration with a weaver: Pisa-based Laura de Cesare, who will create a tapestry representing the sun.

Other new and little-seen pieces will include tables from their 2023 Largo collection for Marsotto edizioni, with a special edition made in lava stone from Mount Etna, visible across the sea from Studio Casoli. Barber and Osgerby's Tobi-Ishi table for B&B Italia - their first work for the Italian manufacturer - will feature prominently. The striped edition sculpted from white Carrara and Alpi green marble was presented in 2022 marking 10 years of the iconic design. The Iris table, designed in 2008 for Established & Sons, represents a marriage between man and machine, constructed from a single geometric component, machined from solid aluminium, hand-anodized and repeated to form a perfectly tessellated ring. The result is a lyrical, seamless object, recalling the colour striations of the human eye.

From Island to Island is the first contemporary design exhibition at Studio Casoli in Filicudi.