Wine & Design

Vinitaly/Abitare il Tempo/Marmomacc, Verona

Designer /
Massimo e Lella Vignelli — 2006

Material /
Verde Alpi, Stainless steel

Wine & Design is a research workshop based on the relationship between ethics and aesthetics as inspiration for a new culture of the project. It successfully collects ideas and plans on the topic of taste and design.

Verona, international centre for two among the most representative markets of “made in Italy” - marble and wine - sets up a project which starts with Vinitaly and continues in September with Abitare il Tempo and Marmomacc fair, featuring Boris Pedrecca, Massimo Vignelli, Numerounodesign, Studio Blam, Angelo Micheli, Cleto Munari, Sergej Babushkin, Michael Reva, Archunion, Atodesign, David Palterer, Simone Micheli, Kazuhiko Tomita.

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