La casa di Marmo

Designer /
Thomas Sandell — 2010

Realized by Marsotto

Material /
Striato Olimpico Marble, Wood

Looking for protection in an archetypal space characterised by charming proportions, a house made out of wood and marble. The wooden structure is dressed with the non-aligned, greyish marble veins, according to the configuration of the shingle units, identically repeated both for the roof and the walls.

A unit of 120 pieces screwed with a black marble dot, to originally revisit the typical Swedish summer house.


“Marble, and stone in general, is a kind of material with an amazing poetic potential which is best enhanced by great craftsmanship. It owns a tactile quality that I aim to express.
Marble can also be considered as a soft textile fabric.”

Thomas Sandell

Interview with Thomas Sandell

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