Designer /
Enrico Tonucci e Viola Tonucci — 2007

Material /
Rosso Verona Marble

Abitare il Tempo, Verona

Sponsored and produced by ProgettoMarmo.

Installation (Marble polyhedron, stone slabs, flooring, lighting), design: Enrico and Viola Tonucci

For this project Marsotto supplied stone and materials handling.


The power of matter pervades Caronte an astonishing installation set up for the 2007 edition of Abitare il Tempo fair in Verona. Several layers of raw stone form a sort of fan, fastened by a polyhedron which refers to the ancient tradition of alchemy. Also known as Dürer’s solid, this mysterious object has inspired various interpretations, among which is the symbol of artistic creation and the predominance of imagination over reason. Marble and stone as results of natural transformation processes reveal all their majesty and attractive energy.

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